realistic-fox-tail-butt-plug-18-inches-long realistic-fox-tail-butt-plug-18-inches-long realistic-fox-tail-butt-plug-18-inches-long realistic-fox-tail-butt-plug-18-inches-long

Realistic Fox Tail Plug 18"" Long

Unleash Your Inner Beast

Step into the wild side and embrace your animalistic desires with this exotic toy designed to ignite your senses and fan the flames of passion. Its realistic foxtail is a sensual treat, gently brushing against your thighs to stimulate your senses, evoking the primal instincts within you. The ergonomically designed plug ensures comfort, while its slim stem and flat base offer secure play. Let this sex toy stir your desire, setting the stage for an intimate encounter that will leave you breathless.

Ready to venture into the wilderness of your fantasies? Don't keep your inner beast waiting. Dare to step out of the ordinary and explore the untamed realms of pleasure.

Captivating Design for Sensational Pleasure

Delight in the intricate details of this exotic accessory, starting with its impressive 18-inch long tail. You'll love the soft faux fur, masterfully dyed in a realistic brown shade to capture the essence of a wild fox. The plug, measuring 2.75 inches in length and 1.06 inches in width, is designed for ease and comfort. Its teardrop shape facilitates smooth insertion, while the slim stem and flat base ensure the plug stays securely in place.

What sets this accessory apart is the combination of visual appeal and physical stimulation. The tail not only transforms you visually but also enhances your sensory experience as it sways with your movements, teasing your thighs with each brush.

Superior Quality for Safe Play

Crafted from high-grade stainless steel, this toy is not only durable but also adaptable to temperature, adding a new dimension of pleasure to your play. The non-porous surface ensures it's safe for intimate use and compatible with any lubricant of your choice. Cleaning is a breeze, making this toy as practical as it is pleasurable.

Ready for an unforgettable journey into the wild? Allow your inner fox to take the lead, and prepare for a thrilling adventure that promises a blend of passion, pleasure, and uncharted territories of delight. There's a beast within you waiting to be unleashed. Are you ready to set it free?

Realistic Fox Tail Plug 18 Inches Long Specifications

  • Material: Stainless Steel, Faux Fur
  • Color:
    • Plug: Silver
    • Tail: Brown
  • Length:
    • Tail: 16.14""
    • Plug: 2.75""
  • Width:
    • Plug: 1.06"" / 27mm